Penile and Testicular Problems – An Overview

Medical problems affecting men’s penile and testicular regions are not uncommon and can have quite a damning effect on the sufferer. Not only can these conditions be a source of embarrassment, they can also lead to severe sexual problems, depression, and can even be the cause of relationships breaking up. In extreme cases, amputation of […]

Male Contraception – An Overview

Men all over the world looking for safe contraception methods, that also don’t take the enjoyment from the experience. Contraception is mainly used to avoid unwanted pregnancies, although some forms can also help in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Without the use of an effective form of contraception, there is a high risk of […]

Is Male Menopause For Real?

When women reach menopause, it results in the end of their fertile period. This is when their bodies stop producing the hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and the symptoms can be long drawn. With men, it works a little differently. Male menopause, also referred to as andropause, results in the testosterone levels dropping by around 1-2% […]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Men – An Overview

Cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have continued to rise in recent times, and this is with men and women alike. Possible reasons include an increased tendency to have multiple partners as well as the fact that we’ve started becoming sexually active at a younger age. While a number of sexually transmitted diseases can be […]

A Guide to Male Sexual Functions and Associated Problems

Sexual problems in men are generally related to the physical sexual functioning, although the mind can also be responsible at times. Sexual function disorders in men can occur at any age, and are not limited to any particular region of the world. Problems related with sexual functioning can not only lead to a poor sex […]

Penis and Testicular Problems

Penis and Testicular Problems

Infertility in Men: Your Guide

A significant number of men are affected by infertility, and this is when getting a woman to conceive becomes a problem. A man suffering from infertility still has erections, and even ejaculates, but the ejaculate simply does not have enough healthy sperms to impregnate the woman. Dealing with infertility can be quite a challenge as […]

Contraception for Men

Male Contraception (no babies)

Sexual Health

Men & Sexual Health